Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Our Big Bet For The Future


Bill & Melinda’s “notes” for their vision of 2030: improved health, farming, mobile banking, and improved software for learning will improve the lives of the poor faster than ever.


  • improve newborn health:
    1. Breastfeeding
    2. Injectable Antibiotics
    3. Resuscitation
    4. Drying + skin-to-skin contact
    5. Umbilical Cord Care
  • vaccinations and other childhood health immprovements
  • the end of malaria
  • HIV at a tipping point
  • increasing crop yeild in Africa so it deosn’t need to import food
    • more nutrious, varied diet
    • better seeds, better education of best practices (mobile phones), more fertalizer, weather and market prices
    • more roads/transportation
  • mobile banking allowing for econmoic emancipation (safe storage of wealth, easy payments, etc)
  • online learning
    • fix gender gap of phone ownership and literacy