Technology at Work: The Future of Innovation and Employment


Substantial wealth is being created with only a few workers, and with the exception of a small fraction of highly skilled workers, wages may not rise over their lifetime. Building on a widely discussed paper entitled The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation?, this report examines how the changing nature of innovation, stemming from the digital revolution, is transforming the world of work and the challenges it brings.

Long paper with lots of charts, infographics and references. Also includes a good overview of historical economic development compared to current development.


  • topics include:
    • The Big Data Revolution and the Digitisation of Industries
    • The Internet of Things and Advanced Sensors
    • Intelligent Robotics
    • The Market for Industrial Robotics
    • Autonomous Robots
    • 3D Printing
    • The Expanding Scope of Automation
    • Technology and New Work
    • The Concentration of New Work and the Rise of Innovation Cities
    • Self-Employment: The New Normal?
    • Inequality
    • Macroeconomic Stability Risk
    • Secular Stagnation
    • The Sharing Economy
    • A World of Leisure
    • Planning for the Long Term
    • Tax Wedges and Active Labour Market Policies
    • Making Growth Inclusive
    • Transforming Education