The New American Aristocracy

One of the best recent articles on the new economic classes developing in the Us and other Western countries to a lesser degree. “In The Great Leveler, the historian Walter Scheidel makes a disturbingly good case that inequality has reliably ended only in catastrophic violence: wars, revolutions, the collapse of states, or plagues and other disasters… The defining challenge of our time is to renew the promise of American democracy by reversing the calcifying effects of accelerating inequality… We should be fighting for opportunities for other people‚Äôs children as if the future of our own children depended on it. Read More

The Next Technology Revolution Will Drive Abundance And Income Disparity

Machine learning impact on the economy will be increased productivity and abundance, but far less human labour and judgement. We may need a system focused on more than just efficient production that places greater prioritization on the less desirable side effects of capitalism.

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