A Brief History of Intellectual Discussion of Accelerating Change

A history of the ideas of progress and accelerating change.

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AI Anxiety

Big-name scientists worry that runaway artificial intelligence could pose a threat to humanity. Beyond the speculation is a simple question: Are we fully in control of our technology?

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Rapture of the Nerds

Post-singularity human forced to deal with the computronium-based mind cloud where the inner planets used to reside.

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Rap News: The Singularity

An amazing musical commentary in 7 minutes. Featuring Ray Kurzweil and Alex Jones, Rap news investigates the Singularity and those who worship and fear it.

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Creo Animam

In June 2015, I was honoured to work with the Univox Choir that I’ve been singing with for over 10 years. Instead of the usual musician guest artist who performs with the choir, I created and directed a concert about the near future. I was incredibly humbled by and proud of all the extra effort that the choir put into this concert: from arranging music, finding images online, creating music videos to accompany the pieces, and helping out in so many ways this was a hugely collaborative piece. You will eventually be able to see the results of this at the Creo Animam website.

This page documents some of the research and notes for that concert that I created and shared with the choir while I was developing the concert. The concept for the concert investigates the near future, one where the pace of change has continued to accelerate, everything digital is free, in price and liberty, everything you want to track is recorded, and personal and collective power is only exceeded by the new forms life we have dreamed into the world around us.

What is our destiny when we have created beings that surpass us in every way?

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