Neural Ballet

November 10, 2023 Factory 163 Stratford, Ontario “Neural Ballet” is a live dance presentation enriched with AI-generated visuals, collaboratively created and performed by professional ballet dancer and award-winning choreographer Irina Lerman, along with software artist Ryan Kelln. It is part of the Provocation Ideas Festival and co-presented by SpringWorks. This distinctive show weaves a mesmerizing tapestry that includes both neoclassical masterpieces and original contemporary works, specifically crafted for this event. Read More


The Transmigrations live music concert was performed in Toronto on June 9, 2023 at the Toronto Reference Library and November 17, 2023 at Factory 163 in Stratford. This concert, a collaboration between Dhaivat Jani and Ryan Kelln, is part of the Provocation Ideas Festival, and explores the history of the technological transformation of modern society, the nature of intelligence, and the recent revolution in generative AI tools. It includes an integrated discussion about the practice of using these tools and how increasingly intelligent and accessible tools will shape economics, politics, and culture. Read More